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Welcome to Askov MN!

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History of Askov MN
Formerly known as the village of Partridge, Askov was a Great Northern Railway stop, where tons of locally grown rutabagas were picked up for national distribution. Askov was the hub of rutabaga cultivation and was known as the "Rutabaga Capital of the World" until the A. Henriksen rutabaga warehouses burned in the 1970s.
Much of the village of Partridge was destroyed in the devastating 1894 Hinckley fire. In the re-building, the new village was founded by the Danish Peoples Society in 1906. The name "Askov" literally translates "ash forest" and was also the name of Denmark's largest high school. The new Danish village was incorporated on April 25, 1918, and officially separated from the township of Partridge as the City of Askov on April 8, 1921.
For the nation's Bicentennial Celebration, Danish language street signs were erected in Askov, with an English translation given below the Danish name.
The City of Askov named its original school after the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The H. C. Andersen school is currently the home of the Pine County History Museum. The building houses a cafe named after H. C. Andersen's famous story "The Little Mermaid", many historic exhibits, and gift and antique shops open to the public daily (with proceeds supporting operation of the museum).
The City of Askov hosts the popular annual Askov Fair and Rutabaga Festival, held during the fourth weekend of August.

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An Invitation

Askov invites you to come and explore the area, visit the local businesses, worship at the local churches and attend our public events.



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