Come and Explore the History of Pine County at the New Pine County History Museum!

Monday, July 30, 2012 8:34 PM Posted by PCHM Webmaster

Welcome to The

Pine County History Museum

We are excited to share all of the new projects and updates through our new "official" website. Please note that any information about the museum and it's events found outside this website may be old content and subject to error! We apologize that we have no control over content posted outside of this website.

The Pine County Historical Society was able to consolidate all of its inventory under one roof when we were blessed with the opportunity to acquire the vacant 6333 H.C. Andersen Middle School in Askov, MN 55704!.

We have been in awe of the dedication and commitment of eager and talented volunteers offering their time, resources, supplies, historic treasures, and skills to make this dream a reality. This project is an inspiring model of the community spirit where local talent literally comes "out of the woodwork" as needed, with each volunteer sharing their experiience, talents, and strengths to enhance the museum. Pine County residents are truly showing their strong support in diverse and significant ways, without which we could not exist! Our deepest gratitude goes out to all who have helped in the past and those who will participate in the future!

Hours: (Entry fee required to view exhibit area only!)

The Little Mermaid Cafe: 7 am- 7 pm Monday- Saturday & 7 am- 4pm Sundays

Creative Co-op & Antique Shop: 9 am- 4pm Monday- Saturday & 1- 4pm Sundays

Entry fee required to view exhibit area only!

Museum Exhibit Hours: 9 am- 4pm Monday- Saturday & 1 pm-4pm Sundays (or by special arrangement)

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Friday, October 5, 201211:00 PM Posted by PCHM Webmaster

An Invitation

We are pleased to announce that the Pine County History Museum's doors are open to the public seven days a week. We invite you to come and explore the exhibits, hang out in The Little Mermaid Cafe with your family and friends, browse the Museum's Creative Co-op & Antiques Shop, Sweets and Gift Shop, rent the banquet room for your event, or become a volunteer and share your talents where they will leave a legacy for future generations!

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